The Miracle Whip Witch Hunt

As a white person, I have a passion for mayonnaise. A sandwich just isn’t right without a generous coating of the creamy white stuff. I’ve recently switched over to light mayo…it tastes the same but it’s much lower in fat and calories. Clearly, choosing condiments for my sandwich is a pretty pivotal part of my day.

I’ve got love for Miracle Whip too. It’s a different taste for sure…sweeter and tangier, but it’s good. I still think I give the nod to mayo, but Miracle Whip can be a nice change. But Miracle Whip might have an image problem. Apparently, there are people who say they hate Miracle Whip without even trying it. How closed-minded! These perceptions are addressed in a bold new campaign created by mcgarrybowen. The first commercial compares hating Miracle Whip without trying it to be like a witch hunt. The second spot alludes to Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, which seemingly everyone except me had to read in high school English class.

They’re definitely bold and memorable commercials, which are also stylish and well-directed. But ehh…I find them to be pretentious and a tad stupid. Are people THAT serious about Miracle Whip? As much as they’d love to push the Miracle Whip/witch hunt connection, I think some long-dead people around Salem might disagree. I’m interested to see how feedback is for these commercials, because they’re probably love it or hate it. Much like Miracle Whip itself.

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13 Responses to The Miracle Whip Witch Hunt

  1. 03020 says:

    I think it’s interesting that the little girl who likes the Mayonnaise looks like the young version of Lyndsay Lohan, and that Lohan too has been the victim of witchhunts.

  2. point says:

    Um… proof read much?

  3. tony smith says:

    what does loving mayo have to do with being a white person?

    • joshw24 says:

      There’s a famous stereotype about white people loving mayo.

      • Sandy Price says:

        Can anyone tell me where the commercial based on The Scarlet Letter, was filmed. I lived in a community north of Morro Bay and drove past that large mountain rock shown at the reat of the village, which could have been Harmony, California.

  4. Tambria Moore says:

    I find them troubling indication of our corporate society and what they determine is “amusing”, will we have the Miracle Whip Holocaust or Stonewall Riots next? These ” fictional stories ” are based on real spiritual and moral issues and responses of their times, of people targeted and tortured for their differences, and the marginalized, whether from fiction or fact, should not be diminished.

  5. david says:

    Ah, Tambria Moore, the past just called, it said you should get the f@ck over the holocaust and the stonewall riots. Who knows, by the year 2268, the holocaust may be hilarious, especially if activist movements and individuals who keep themselves in a perpetual victim state leave condiment commercial boards alone and focus on their own mental defects. I just want to know who the cute protector of the Miracle Whip is. I think my point is way more valid to the commercial than yours. Cheers love!

  6. Ben says:

    Is the girl in the witch hunt commercial the same girl that was in Justified?

  7. Marko says:

    What does being white have to do with anything?

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