The 3 Suckiest Super Bowl Commercials That Ever Sucked This Year

#3 Bud Light Platinum “Factory”

Is anyone going to buy Bud Light Platinum? It seems like a silly gimmick, but it does have more alcohol than regular Bud Light and that bottle is rather dapper. So the answer is a firm “maybe.” Anyway, this commercial is so incredibly dull.

#2 Pepsi Max “Checkout”

I feel like I’ve seen this one so many times before. Only now, it’s got Regis! Yeah…lame.

#1 Go Daddy “Body Paint”

Here’s the Wikipedia entry for self-fulfilling prophecy. Go Daddy always has the worst Super Bowl commercials, so we expected more of the same. And shockingly, they sucked. Really, I think Go Daddy could somehow make a great commercial and people still wouldn’t like it based on previous experiences.

Dishonorable mention: Most of the commercials being online well before the Super Bowl. I know social media is important, but there’s a certain magic to seeing a brand new commercial for the first time during the Super Bowl and saying “now THAT’S brilliant.” When commercials are online for a whole week, it really lessens that experience.


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