This Is The Egg McMuffin Of McDonald’s Commercials

Or maybe it’s the Egg McMuffin of all commercials. “I wonder what this guy was thinking when his girlfriend responded to his “I love you” with “I think you’re the Egg McMuffin of all boyfriends”. Not only that but he told her this AT A MCDONALD’S. Wonder how long that relationship will last.”

Pretty bizarre. For sure, that’s a strange thing to say. Is it supposed to be a compliment to call people/things “the Egg McMuffin of ______”? I mean, Egg McMuffins are aight, but they’re no McGriddles. Comparatively healthier though. Very silly ad, but I definitely see the Egg McMuffin line gaining a sort of meme-y popularity (yup).

Oh, and we’ve got a Commercial Society crossover too. The boyfriend in this commercial is Vince Foster (not this guy) and the video was uploaded to his YouTube channel. From the looks of it, Vince is an emerging actor/filmmaker, so you should check out his channel and help him out. But does he look familiar? He might, since he also appeared in a Samsung spot, smacking some sense into the Apple fan people.

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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

2 Responses to This Is The Egg McMuffin Of McDonald’s Commercials

  1. Mark says:

    You are so right… to be the McGriddles of ‘X’ would be what I would hope for..!

  2. Vince Foster says:

    Hello, this is Vince Foster. Thank you so much for recognition here on your site. I really appreciate it. Below is a link to a comedy skit I recently shot, which was released just today.

    Premise – Never take a dance class from a psychologically unstable kung fu master…

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