Get Wet With Crystal Light

“Uhhhhh, the lady says she is gonna get wet while taking her shirt off. I’m sure you will have plenty to say about this.”

Crystal Light is a drink powder mix marketed to women. Really just by looking at the name you can figure out it’s geared toward women. “Crystal” just seems like one of those gendered tipoffs…maybe that’s one reason Crystal Pepsi failed. Gender issues in drink ads would make an good post. I think I’ll write about something like this in the future. But now, the Crystal Light commercial.

It’s interesting to write about this commercial, because it’s so clearly not aimed towards me. I’m not worried about bikini season, and I would like to think nobody wants to see me in one. I tend to write about commercials as I see them, and if I’m watching sports, the ads are typically male-centric. So we’ve got two fairly attractive women on a plane, one drinking Crystal Light. She says it’s almost bikini season, something her friend/co-worker scoffs at because it’s winter and they’re overworked professional women. But since this is a commercial, the unexpected happens. The plane crashes onto a beach, and they miraculously survive (wouldn’t make a good ad if they died in a fiery fashion, right?) Then a hunky beefcake type approaches the women in need of finding water. The Crystal Light drinker says she can help, and yes, she says she’ll get wet while taking her shirt off. I can only assume they got water and then made attractive babies.

So…the reaction? AdFreak likes it. I think it’s cheeky, over-the-top, obviously sexual, but not offensive at all. That’s how it’s supposed to be, and that’s the reason an ad for a non-flashy product like Crystal Light is getting so much attention. The YouTube comments tend me be positive too, with most negativity coming from a “plane crashes aren’t funny” perspective. I feel like women with a sense of humor appreciate this too. But there’s a few groups who might derail the happy feelings: angry feminists and prude conservatives. ANYTHING slightly controversial in a gendered manner tends to get the ire of feminists. Remember that milk campaign? One of the dumbest “controversies” I’ve ever seen, but yet enough bored women cared that the campaign got pulled. And prude conservatives? We live in America, so we all know about them. I have no problem with this commercial, but some humorless people might. Rest assured, it won’t be coming from the beefcake crowd who is “sick and tired of being objectivified.”

And by popular request: the blonde woman is played by Zibby Allen. The brunette is played by Jama Williamson. And the beefcake man is Charles Divins.

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7 Responses to Get Wet With Crystal Light

  1. Mark says:

    … I think it is pretty nicely done..!

  2. Just saw this ad for the first time tonight. TV being what it is, I saw it more than once and enjoyed it every time.

    You didn’t answer my burning question: Is the guy who needs help getting water the guy from the Old Spice commercial with the towel?

  3. kriket says:

    he is pretty

  4. James says:

    Yeah…. Except if it was a hot girl asking for water and she says “This island may make you hard.” And the guy says, “I’m going to get hard!”

    Over the peak sexual inuendos that would be dramatized in any other situation seem to relate to the obvious, blatant alacrity of racism on BET. In any other for, this would not be acceptable, but for some reason, no one cares..

  5. I noticed on Wednesday night, that the ad has been “neutered”..They’ve dropped the “get wet” part..Political Correctness in this nation is more dangerous than Al Queda..

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