Carnival Cruises Are More Enjoyable Than Bear And Lion Attacks

From the commercials I’ve seen so far, 2012 is going to be a funny year. Besides, even if the world ends on December 21, that still gives us 355 days of good times. Looking to take a vacation? Carnival feels that a cruise might be more relaxing than camping.

Haha. The bear/lion part is great enough, but the disclaimer warning is awesome. Like any ad featuring something ridiculous there’s a disclaimer that states “For dramatization only. Do not attempt”. Attempt what? Getting in a situation where you’re cornered by a bear and lion? Good advice. Of course, something like this would probably happen to that hapless cruising couple. And as any Green Bay Packers fan would know, the song at the end is Todd Rundgren’s “Bang the Drum All Day”.

1/14 update: Uhh…this probably doesn’t help Carnival’s argument. Costa is also owned by Carnival.

1/17 update: Just noticed that Carnival took this off its offical YouTube page.

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