The McDonald’s McCafe Peppermint Hottie

First, I’d like you tell you about one of my new favorite websites: Who is that hot ad girl?  Now, I strive to tell you about commercial cuties when they come up, but that’s not really the focus of this blog. But it IS the focus of WITHAG. So I’d encourage you to check it out. And here’s one of their recent hotties.

I like her. Like her a lot. Her name is Dena Cali. She’s black, Swedish, and Chinese, and she’s my newest commercial crush.

The 2011 Joshys: Part II

Part I

The Don Draper Award: The coolest of the year. Advertising like this is what makes people want to go into advertising.

Winner: Heineken’s “The Entrance”

Cool visuals, a cool song by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (not Avril Lavigne…), and just overall full of fun swagger.

Honorable mention: Anything else Heineken.

The Durr Award: The dumbest of the year. A very competitive award. Crap like this makes people hate commercials.

Winner (loser?): The stupid Fiat commercials with Jennifer Lopez.

Gratuitous and lame. The one with the dancing is worse, though J.Lo “driving” though the Bronx was terrible too. Especially since it was a body double in the Bronx.

Dishonorable mention: Miller Lite’s “Man Up” campaign and Coors Light’s bar exam spots.

American megabreweries have a low-brow reputation and commercials like these play right into it. Miller Lite isn’t manly. And I thought it was amusing how the Coors Light bar exam ads were played endlessly in the summer, when real law school grads were fretting over the real bar exam.

The Timothy Leary Award: The trippiest commercials. You might not have been on drugs, but these made you feel like it.

Winner: “Heart’s Desire” from Sonic

Love it. Trippy as all hell, this seems like it could be either a drug-induced fantasy or maybe just a fat person’s fantasy. Influenced by The Big Lebowski. The song is really catchy too.

Honorable mention: The Toyota Prius “People Person” commercial. Weird stuff.

The Field of Dreams Award: Field of Dreams is a movie that is known to make grown men cry. This award goes to those tearjerker commercials that have the same potential.

Winner: Johnson & Johnson’s Hospice Nurses

Either of Johnson & Johnson’s other nursing spots could have won, but the “Hospice Nurses” ad had the most personal impact on me.

Honorable mention: “It’s Time” from Get Up!

One of the best defenses of marriage equality that you’ll ever see.

The Onion Award: Best satirical commercial.

Winner: Toyota Venza’s “Social Network”

A very funny campaign. And it’s nice to see that the Facebook generation can take a joke as well as we can dish them out.

Honorable mention: Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing”. People who camp out for consumer products are morons.

Chevy, Santa, And The Deer (Err…Fish) Hunter

Chevrolet has like 8 billion new commercials featuring Santa Claus as a salesman named Nick (Get it? St Nick…) But here’s the standout one. The funny one where the man says he hunts deer and then realizing he’s talking to Santa, changes his response to fish. Good stuff.

What A Wonderful World, Narrated By David Attenborough

As reported in Adweek, David Attenborough has ended his 60 year career as a BBC personality. I love his work as narrator of amazing shows such as Planet Earth. So as an homage, BBC put together this video of Attenborough providing a spoken-word narration of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” alongside clips from his various nature programs. What a wonderful world indeed…and what a wonderful video.

Best Buy Vs. Santa

The new Best Buy commercials featuring people foiling Santa Claus have been getting a lot of negative feedback and are being criticized as mean-spirited. Maybe it’s the whole Jewish thing, but I find them to be witty and amusing. They’re a little snotty, especially with the “Game On, Santa” tagline, but they work for me. Maybe I’m lacking a soul. Or maybe I just don’t care when a fictional character is dissed. Whatever.

Rick Perry’s “Strong” Is Really Weak

I try to keep politics off this blog. The reason is primarily that politics are personal, but also they’re aggravating bullshit. But sometimes things come up that are too ridiculous not to write about. Enter Rick Perry and his campaign ad “Strong”:

Since being uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, “Strong” has been viewed nearly 5,000,000 times. It’s also on its way to being the most disliked video in YouTube history (if it isn’t already). As I’m writing this, it’s got 17,713 likes and 597,287 dislikes…an over 97% dislike rate. There’s countless parodies. And it’s not hard to see why. The whole thing is absurd (not to mention offensive). It’s as if Rick Perry decided to take every conservative hot-button issue, place them in his giant cowboy hat, and pick two randomly. “Alrighty here…gays openly serving in the military and evil Obama banning Christmas. Sounds good. Yeeee Haw!” Or maybe he got some great weed, smoked it, and made this commercial. I don’t know…this could be the kind of stuff that appeals to GOP voters. Though it looks like they’re staying away from him.

But then again, this is Rick Perry we’re talking about. A man who makes George W. Bush look like an intelligent, eloquent speaker. Bus tours are common with candidates. I have a feeling Rick Perry’s would be on a short one.

Infiniti: Rich Dudes And Kids Throwing Snowballs

Infiniti’s new winter ad features a rivalry between a BMW guy and an Infiniti guy that turns into a snowball fight. It’s a continuation of last year’s commercial. This time around, Rich BMW Dude once again pelts Rich Infiniti Dude. But now, Rich Infiniti Dude gets his son and friends to unleash a barage at Rich BMW Dude, who ducks for safety in his Beamer. Admittedly, it’s pretty funny. But what’s the ultimate takeaway? That BMW owners are dicks? Infiniti owners are dicks? Luxury car owners are dicks? Sometimes when commercials get too humorous/gimmicky, the brand identity and message can get lost. And I think this happens here.

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