What A Wonderful World, Narrated By David Attenborough

As reported in Adweek, David Attenborough has ended his 60 year career as a BBC personality. I love his work as narrator of amazing shows such as Planet Earth. So as an homage, BBC put together this video of Attenborough providing a spoken-word narration of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” alongside clips from his various nature programs. What a wonderful world indeed…and what a wonderful video.

Best Buy Vs. Santa

The new Best Buy commercials featuring people foiling Santa Claus have been getting a lot of negative feedback and are being criticized as mean-spirited. Maybe it’s the whole Jewish thing, but I find them to be witty and amusing. They’re a little snotty, especially with the “Game On, Santa” tagline, but they work for me. Maybe I’m lacking a soul. Or maybe I just don’t care when a fictional character is dissed. Whatever.

Rick Perry’s “Strong” Is Really Weak

I try to keep politics off this blog. The reason is primarily that politics are personal, but also they’re aggravating bullshit. But sometimes things come up that are too ridiculous not to write about. Enter Rick Perry and his campaign ad “Strong”:

Since being uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, “Strong” has been viewed nearly 5,000,000 times. It’s also on its way to being the most disliked video in YouTube history (if it isn’t already). As I’m writing this, it’s got 17,713 likes and 597,287 dislikes…an over 97% dislike rate. There’s countless parodies. And it’s not hard to see why. The whole thing is absurd (not to mention offensive). It’s as if Rick Perry decided to take every conservative hot-button issue, place them in his giant cowboy hat, and pick two randomly. “Alrighty here…gays openly serving in the military and evil Obama banning Christmas. Sounds good. Yeeee Haw!” Or maybe he got some great weed, smoked it, and made this commercial. I don’t know…this could be the kind of stuff that appeals to GOP voters. Though it looks like they’re staying away from him.

But then again, this is Rick Perry we’re talking about. A man who makes George W. Bush look like an intelligent, eloquent speaker. Bus tours are common with candidates. I have a feeling Rick Perry’s would be on a short one.

Infiniti: Rich Dudes And Kids Throwing Snowballs

Infiniti’s new winter ad features a rivalry between a BMW guy and an Infiniti guy that turns into a snowball fight. It’s a continuation of last year’s commercial. This time around, Rich BMW Dude once again pelts Rich Infiniti Dude. But now, Rich Infiniti Dude gets his son and friends to unleash a barage at Rich BMW Dude, who ducks for safety in his Beamer. Admittedly, it’s pretty funny. But what’s the ultimate takeaway? That BMW owners are dicks? Infiniti owners are dicks? Luxury car owners are dicks? Sometimes when commercials get too humorous/gimmicky, the brand identity and message can get lost. And I think this happens here.

A Creepy Cat Yodeling For Walmart For Some Reason

Yeah, it’s pretty creepy. Makes me glad that my cat only meows. Why is the cat yodeling? Who knows. The Martin Agency, creator of this ad, must really be into talking/singing CGI animals as evidenced by their Geico work (which I loved). This…not so much.

The 2011 Joshys: Part I

2011 is soon coming to a close, and that means year-end lists and countdowns. So I’ve decided to introduce my own awards: The Joshys. The only real parameter is that everything has to be something I’ve covered on this blog. Rather than doing a generic best/worst list, I’ve come up with some more eclectic awards. Here goes.

Campaign of the Year: Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit”

I decided to skip picking a commercial of the year, because that’s something that can be hard to quantify. Choosing a campaign gives more room to evaluate than a single 30/60 second spot. An awesome campaign all around…writing, visuals, tagline, and overall spirit. It started at the Super Bowl with Eminem and kept on during the year.

Honorable mention: State Farm’s “State Ofcampaign and Geico’s “Easier Way To Savecampaign

Fierce competitors, these campaigns both were shown at the same time, and frequently during the same commercial breaks. Humorous and amusing.

The Houston Van Gogh Award: These commercials were so annoying that they made me want to gouge my eyes out and/or cut my ear off. Or at least change the channel.

Winner (loser?): NAPA Know How

This was shown endlessly during March Madness and throughout the spring, and has gained a new life during football season. I hate it, and I also hate that the song is so catchy.

Dishonorable mention: 5-hour Energy’s Fix the Tired

Honestly, it was a coin flip between NAPA and 5-hour Energy. The 5-hour Energy spot was shown ad nauseum during Cincinnati Reds games, where the same 10 or so commercials were aired for 6 months straight.

The Beautiful Award: Most beautiful visuals in an ad

Winner: STA Travel Australia

All three spots are beautiful, though I think “Move” is the best. Just awesome.

Honorable mentions: Blue Moon Seasonals: Pretty animation showcases the seasons and the Blue Moon offerings that go along with them.

Intel’s Most Amazing Thing: Maybe not the most amazing thing I ever saw, but pretty great.

The Boner Award: Sexiest commercial of the year

Winner: SoBe and Kate Upton

Not even close here. The past summer was one of the hottest on record in America. Mostly because of the sizzling temperatures, but also in part due to this hot commercial starring supermodel Kate Upton. As for its effectiveness…I still probably won’t buy SoBe stuff, but I now associate their products with Kate Upton’s boobs. That’s good, right?

The Explosions In The Sky Award: The most epic of 2011. These spots made everything seem more important, whether I was tooling around on Facebook or lying on the couch scratching myself.

Winner: British Airways “To Fly. To Serve.”

If I was awarding a “best commercial”, this would be a strong contender. Everything works here. Truly epic (and probably with an epic budget to match).

Honorable mention: Jim Beam’s Bold Choice: Willem Dafoe helps this spot become more epic. Award-winning too.

Well, that’s Part I. Stay tuned for Parts II and III.

What’s That Song? Part XVIII

Artist: Grouplove, Song: “Tongue Tied”

With cool/douchey (depending on your perspective) teenagers hopping around to a hipsterific song, Apple’s new iPod Touch ad hearkens back to the early days of iPod advertising. I find this song to be pretty obnoxious. Plus, the commercial is incredibly loud. I dozed off during Monday Night Football last night, and this jarred me awake. And I’m now realizing how old that makes me sound.

Artist: Brighton MA, Song: “Good Kind Of Crazy”

This holiday commercial from Jack Daniel’s is calm, relaxing, and looks great. This song by Brighton MA is calm, relaxing, and sounds great. The holiday barrel tree is a genius idea.

Artist: L.P., Song: “Into The Wild”

Pretty from Citi. And L.P.’s got a nice voice on her.

The Classic Campbell’s Ad Where A Snowman Becomes A Boy

Wow. A classic. I remember seeing this when I was a little kid. Some research says that this commercial has been around since sometime in the ’80s, which means the boy is well into his 30s, if not pushing 40. Watching it makes me feel as warm inside as hot soup on a cold winter day.

Allstate’s Mayhem: The Football “Streaker”

Sometimes the less said, the better. This is hilarious.

Wish I Could Forget Those Stupid Lexus “December To Remember” Commercials

It’s December. Some people resent the commercialism/consumerism of the holidays. I tend to like it, because it brings people to my blog. So Lexus is back with more of those dumbass “December to Remember” commercials.

These are the kind of commercials that are so mocked and ridiculed that I’ll pretend what I’m saying is original and not in any of the YouTube comments. Being rich enough to buy my sweetie a Lexus for the holidays? Different world, man. Does everyone automatically know the Lexus song? I mean, I recognize it now, especially since I watch a lot of commercials, but the average person would probably get it confused with NBC’s Olympics theme or something. Taking the time to enter it as a ringtone, in a music box, or as elevator music? God, that’s lame. I wonder if Lexus sells those giant bows. In the still crappy (but possibly improving?) economy, that might be all most of us could afford.

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