Chevy, Santa, And The Deer (Err…Fish) Hunter

Chevrolet has like 8 billion new commercials featuring Santa Claus as a salesman named Nick (Get it? St Nick…) But here’s the standout one. The funny one where the man says he hunts deer and then realizing he’s talking to Santa, changes his response to fish. Good stuff.

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11 Responses to Chevy, Santa, And The Deer (Err…Fish) Hunter

  1. Mark says:

    The first time I saw this ad I nearly split in two I was laughing so hard!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely love the “Santa” Chevy commercials; whoever thought of that idea ought to get a raise! My favorite is the “deer (err….fish) hunter” commercial. The expression on the prospective buyer’s face was a classic! Great acting by both the “Santa” and the customer!

  3. Donna Marmor says:

    Please who is this marvelous man playing Nick

  4. DJ says:

    Chevy should have him disappear at Christmas unexplained. It would be fun if people guess who he is supposed to be and react.

  5. debi says:

    Love it! !! Great originality!!! , Where can I get a man like that for christmas Santa???? Who is the deer/fish hunter ???

  6. nick says:


  7. Cissy says:

    It looks like Mikey from PJD (formerly of OCC)

    • Lewis Osborn says:

      I agree…it bothered me for days, i reconized the voice and then it hit me..glad someone else saw it too. …Lewis Osborn, Arkansas

  8. Bruce says:

    The actor’s name is Kevin Will.

  9. kylou49 says:

    Haven’t seen him so far this year. Will Chevrolet be running more commercials with him?

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