Best Buy Vs. Santa

The new Best Buy commercials featuring people foiling Santa Claus have been getting a lot of negative feedback and are being criticized as mean-spirited. Maybe it’s the whole Jewish thing, but I find them to be witty and amusing. They’re a little snotty, especially with the “Game On, Santa” tagline, but they work for me. Maybe I’m lacking a soul. Or maybe I just don’t care when a fictional character is dissed. Whatever.

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10 Responses to Best Buy Vs. Santa

  1. Mark says:

    I like the Chevy ads with Santa as a salesman… the one with the cat changing from hunting deer to ‘fish’ is a riot..!

  2. AC says:

    It’s about respect for Santa for the kids.

  3. audio60girl says:

    Hate the Anti-Santa Commercials. Best Buy bills itself in these ads as the replacement for the big guy. Yeah, he’s fictional, but he’s real in the hearts of children, parents and folks who just like the character. What will they do at Easter, knock off the Easter Bunny? Who approved this? Was there anyone in the room when this commercial was pitched who said, you know, this isn’t a good idea for our image. We are attacking Santa Claus after all.

  4. BEst buy says:

    what in gods name is with best buy picking at santa. Well like the say if you do not like what you see on t.v. Change it. It goes with where you shop also. That means i will not ever shop at best buy. See ya!

  5. Santa Fan says:

    Best Buy can’t even fulfill orders made way back on Black Friday.

    Game On? – not even close, the last laugh sounds like – Ho, Ho, Ho


  6. mad says:

    Everyone in my family HATES the best buy santa commericals, from the youngest to the oldest. I wouldn’t have shopped there this Christmas if they’d offered iPads for $10. As if morals haven’t gone down enough in this country–do you really have to dis Santa Claus? Come on, man…

  7. joshw24 says:

    I included these commercials knowing they were unpopular. I’m not sure why I like them, but it probably has to with the the fact that I don’t have much of an emotional attachment with Christmas. And in a way, I think it appeals to the snotty jerk side of my personality. I’ve read a lot of people saying they’ll boycott Best Buy because of these ads…but their shipping problems are actually due to massive demand.

  8. Lynnette says:

    best buy has really gone to far with these lousey commercials. I hate them and will not shop at best buy anymore. best buy must have been really desperate to make such anti-Christmas (Santa Claus) commercials. Poo on them!

  9. Kelly says:

    Best Buy can take a lesson from Chevy! Their commercials ROCK and Best Buy’s STINK!!! They have no spirit in them except meanness.

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