Samsung Takes A Shot At The Apple Cult

Apple has some great, innovative products. But so do their competitors. This commercial doesn’t so much criticize Apple or the iPhone as it does the cultish following that Apple has. The Apple fanboys…the types who will camp out for days to get the newest iWhatever, while at the same time mocking Black Friday shoppers as brainwashed, consumerist sheep. “But that’s like different, because Apple speaks to my individuality as a person!” Give me a break. So now Samsung’s ad for the Galaxy S II. I love it.

The iPhone is never mentioned by name, but of course we know that’s what it’s about. There’s so much snark…I hope even Apple fans can look at this with a sense of humor. “I could never get a Samsung. I’m creative”….”Dude, you’re a barista.” That’s a late contender for exchange/witty retort of the year in the commercial world. And let’s be honest: the Samsung Galaxy S II will never overtake the iPhone, so they might as well have some fun.

Bonus videos: A few more “The Next Big Thing” commercials.

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