Horrible White Boy Rappers Rollin’ In A Hyundai Elantra

This is real bad. In the old school, actually bad way. So bad that I’m sure it’s going to have cult popularity. The guy rapping/driving is DJ Dave, and he’s the leader of Fog and Smog. So until the holiday season is over or someone uploads something even worse, hold on. Elantra!

Hmm. It seems that I missed “It’s Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot”. Alright, it’s kinda amusing and this whole thing makes more sense now. But I still think the Elantra commercial is lame.

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34 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

20 Responses to Horrible White Boy Rappers Rollin’ In A Hyundai Elantra

  1. htrzgonnah8 says:

    Josh… your best case scenario is that you turn into some spineless ad-whore. Your enthusiasm and misguided sense of creative potential will be crushed like so many rocks into sand along the coastline of impotent musings and false pride.

    • joshw24 says:

      How cynical. And yet, I’m strangely OK with that scenario, which is even more cynical. By the way….”hrtzgonnah8″? Are you one of the dudes in this commercial?

      • Lah says:

        LOL!!! Awesome response. I hate this commercial too.

      • htrzgonnah8 says:

        hey… there’s room in the world for all kinds of folks. Real rappers, fake ones, bookworms, sarcastic people, haters, account group assistants… it takes all kinds! Godspeed all, and go do something creative today!!

    • Kevin Kroger says:

      Lol..I’m assuming you are being sarcastic. This is the worst shit I’ve ever seen as an ad. A almost 30 year old idiot hipster trying to rap, (terribly mind you) and talking about leg room, rear window defoggers while his two idiot friends are riding in the back seat apparently being chauffeured…trash tv.

  2. carolyn says:

    It’s called sarcasm. It’s funny as hell. Have you never seen, “It’s Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot?” Google it so you’ll better understand this commercial.

  3. Zakk says:

    Let the D****** think what he wants.

    Only pussy, sheltered, loser, stupid a** white kids are going to think this dumb a** is in anyway cool or a rapper.

    By the way, Im a real white rapper.

  4. Cameron Gee says:

    I love this commercial.. It’s humorous but the guy has flow!! I’ve seen hip hop parodies before and usually their over the top and over exaggerated, this guy is entertaining and his delivery is nice!

  5. Monty Q says:

    I agree with Cameron Gee statement, “…this guy is entertaining and his delivery is nice!” It had me bobbing my head. Btw, I’m the opposite of “pussy, sheltered, loser, stupid a** white kid”. Good work DJ Dave.

  6. sukmybalz says:

    Holy crap! none of you people recognize satire?!?!…..wtf

  7. chris says:

    Have any of you seen his Yoga Girl song? It’s pretty awesome. Hot girls, a catchy beat, and a good chorus. I’ll take ads like this any day over more Progressive and Safe Auto garbage.

  8. Nick says:

    The most irritating thing on this entire page is the plethora of ignorance and the lack of understanding of simple english rules.

  9. gmac39 says:

    This is the absolute worst commercial on tv . This commercial will prevent me from ever buying a Hyundai … I actually hate it that much … This country is losing its character and standards …

  10. rmcclary says:

    First, most of the hate comes from people who are probably young, missing the whole point entirely. In a clever marketing move, Hyundai wisely selects these characters who don’t dress like violent thugs or bad attitudes….you all may like rap but most people don’t. It hardly represents anything good nowadays and clearly wouldn’t sell Elantras. This is supposed to be fun folks, but because most of you are kids you don’t get it. Like getting that dumass neck tatoo when you’re 17 and now that your 35, you regret ever doing it after having doors from prospective higher employment slam in your face. Hyundai ought to be thanked for their selecting unknown, non-threatening white guys, a little older, that’ll get a few laughs. If you hate, you’re taking this thing way,way too seriously, and I’m scared of you.

  11. I think we mistake the need to be “cool” to be “entertaining”. While not mutually exclusive, you don’t have to be both to make a point. The video is a amusing, period. I think that was the point.

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