McDonald’s Brings The Cheese: LeBron Won Some Fries!

“Can you comment about the LeBron – McDonald’s commercial? LeBron doesn’t need to win a free fries. First of all, he’s rich and probably has a lifetime supply of free fries. So silly.”

It’s hard to talk about LeBron James in a commercial without first discussing his current image vs. what it used to be. It’s easy to forget that 18 months ago, LeBron was almost universally liked. He seemed like that rare athlete who was both immensely talented and humble. And then….well, we know what happened. It’s been talked about to death, so I’ll try to be brief. Most people weren’t angry that LeBron left, but it was how he did it that pissed people off. He was a free agent and had every right to move on. People leave Ohio all the time…hell, I’m from Ohio and I’m trying to leave. But when he made a huge hoopla and said the words “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach” on his own ridiculous announcement show, it made him seem like every other arrogant athlete that we thought (or hoped) he was different from. Ever since then, media and fans have seemed more than happy to watch LeBron fail.

Which brings us to this commercial. McDonald’s Monopoly is back. I remember playing in 5th grade and being all excited because I got Park Place. Little did I know that Park Place was one of the most common properties, there to entice people for the futile Boardwalk search. Yeah, LeBron is rich and probably can get all the fries he wants. I hope he’d give those fries to a homeless guy or something. At least he has a sense of humor about McDonald’s taking a jab at his infamous “7 titles” claim. Of course, when I saw the odds of winning a prize in McDonald’s Monopoly were 1 in 4, I thought “1 in 4? That’s 25%. Which is  better than LeBron’s 4th quarter shooting percentage!”

Bonus video: I’m pretty sure LeBron James and Dwight Howard know who Larry Bird is.


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