Work I’ve Done: Amtrak Spec Print Ad (“See America”)

This is the print version of an Amtrak spec ad I created. It was another collaboration with the same NYC graphic designer.

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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

3 Responses to Work I’ve Done: Amtrak Spec Print Ad (“See America”)

  1. Dan Sorgen says:

    Josh, my web site connects aspiring commercial directors with scripts from advertising creatives. If you’d like me to distribute your spec spot scripts to my site’s members, send them over in Word format. It seems like you have several spots that are too expensive for spec spots, but you never know. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • joshw24 says:

      Hey Dan,
      Thanks for the info. Honesty I’m just starting out so when I created those spec ads, I wasn’t really thinking they’d actually be shot. I created them more to showcase that I had good ideas and could write well. But I’d love more people to see them, so I’ll send them over.

  2. David Gunn says:

    The train you have in your image above is one of the now-retired French turbo trains, which was never a success. I’d encourage you to ask your graphic designer to swap it out with something like a GE P42 and a string of Superliners to make it more contemporary. Additionally, I find the liquid undulations along the train’s length quite odd – it seems like the train is derailing, which runs counter to the idea of encouraging ridership.

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