Ooma: A Goofily Named Phone Service

This commercial isn’t the least bit interesting. But I saw it with no sound while on a treadmill at the gym. I looked and thought “coma”? Very strange name for a phone service. What would their slogan be? “Bills so small, you won’t even be aware of their existence”? Then I looked again, and alas, it’s Ooma.

A Cynicism-Free Moment About Washington’s Newest Memorial

I’m a very cynical person. With the current economic/political/environmental/social climate, I think it’s pretty hard NOT to be cynical and/or angry. But here’s something good. On August 28, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial will be dedicated in Washington DC. A fitting tribute to a truly revolutionary man, and a monument I definitely want to visit the next time I get to Washington. I won’t even be cynical about this commercial message being presented by Chevrolet. On the contrary, it’s actually quite nicely done.

Subway Reminds Us That Grease Is Delicious

The Subway Oven Crisp Chicken Sub looks decent. But now I really want some greasy food. And yes, that is a lot of grease in the commercial.

Bonus links: Two reviews. Not impressive. Looks like you might be better off with the fried stuff.

Match.com Presents: A Ukulele And A Blossoming Love Story

From the UK. This is more interesting and creative than Match.com commercials I’ve seen in America.

This IdentityHawk Commercial Is Hilarious

I don’t think IdentityHawk meant for it to be this funny. But man.

So first we have our nefarious wannabe identity thief, who is likely tweaking on meth. “Yes! Bank statement, even a social security number”. His expression is priceless. Who is stupid enough to put bank statements in the very TOP of the trash? But then, the IdentityHawk swoops in! Is it a real hawk or a meth hallucination? Who knows. The IdentityHawk warns off the guy in a stern, ominous voice that suggests a reincarnated Native American spirit. To top it off, the dude runs away terrified and trips over a kid’s bike. I hope more people have a chance to see this spot, because it is amazing.

MTV Sez To Give A Shit While Taking A Shit

It makes me a little sad when I think about how much of my under-21 life I wasted watching MTV. And MTV is also often laughable when they try to become activist. Remember Vote Or Die? I remember picturing Diddy holding a gun to my head and threatening to kill me if I didn’t vote Democrat (South Park imagined it too). But this MTV campaign, ridiculous as it seems, might actually work.

I actually remember Nikki Reed more from the movie Thirteen, but she’s better known to the kids for being in the Twilight movies. The real question that arises: is merely giving a shit enough? Adweek seems to say no. In my view, it may or may not work. But getting people to become aware of issues and to care could be the first step to action.

STA Travel Brings Out The Wanderlust In Us

These commercials are from STA Travel Australia. Absolutely stunning. If they don’t make you want to travel, something is clearly wrong with you.

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