Presents: A Ukulele And A Blossoming Love Story

From the UK. This is more interesting and creative than commercials I’ve seen in America.

This IdentityHawk Commercial Is Hilarious

I don’t think IdentityHawk meant for it to be this funny. But man.

So first we have our nefarious wannabe identity thief, who is likely tweaking on meth. “Yes! Bank statement, even a social security number”. His expression is priceless. Who is stupid enough to put bank statements in the very TOP of the trash? But then, the IdentityHawk swoops in! Is it a real hawk or a meth hallucination? Who knows. The IdentityHawk warns off the guy in a stern, ominous voice that suggests a reincarnated Native American spirit. To top it off, the dude runs away terrified and trips over a kid’s bike. I hope more people have a chance to see this spot, because it is amazing.

MTV Sez To Give A Shit While Taking A Shit

It makes me a little sad when I think about how much of my under-21 life I wasted watching MTV. And MTV is also often laughable when they try to become activist. Remember Vote Or Die? I remember picturing Diddy holding a gun to my head and threatening to kill me if I didn’t vote Democrat (South Park imagined it too). But this MTV campaign, ridiculous as it seems, might actually work.

I actually remember Nikki Reed more from the movie Thirteen, but she’s better known to the kids for being in the Twilight movies. The real question that arises: is merely giving a shit enough? Adweek seems to say no. In my view, it may or may not work. But getting people to become aware of issues and to care could be the first step to action.

STA Travel Brings Out The Wanderlust In Us

These commercials are from STA Travel Australia. Absolutely stunning. If they don’t make you want to travel, something is clearly wrong with you.

Commercials I Hate: Is It Low T?

At least in the version I constantly see on TV, they say “low testosterone” before calling it Low T. I’m sure people were confused and had no idea what Low T was. It sounds like a terrible rapper. So is it Low T? My dad always answers “no” to the questions loudly when this comes on. And yeah, you probably would have less energy than when you went to the disco. Probably because you were 20 and it was 1978! Is it Low T? Maybe, and it’s a treatable problem. But maybe you’re just getting old.

Filching Food, As Advocated By Burger King

I have a recurring fantasy of strolling by a sidewalk cafe, swooping in, swiping someone’s food, and sprinting down the street while stuffing myself with pilfered calories. You know, the good ol’ stroll, swoop, swipe, sprint, and stuff routine. So I can relate to Burger King’s less socially deviant example.

Bonus video: The King plays football!

Nostalgia Is Buzzworthy

Yesterday, I posted Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” on my Facebook page with amazement that it’s been 10 years since that song came out. Then late last night in a moment of cosmic coincidence (or more likely Comedy Central realizing who would be watching at 2 AM), this came on.

I haven’t seen this commercial for BuzzCuts in years, but these were some of the songs I grew up on. These “sampler CD” ads aren’t on much anymore, because really, who buys CDs anymore?

And Buzz Ballads!

And if all of that isn’t enough, I found this on YouTube. The Buzz Box, featuring Mark McGrath! Mark McGrath is pretty hilarious in this. I love his “if you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll refund every penny” statement. Think of the potential loopholes. Everything from “a few of these songs are shit” to “I’m super pissed that Crazy Town never had another hit”.

What’s That Song? Part VII

Artist: Andrew Simple, Song: “I Got Your Back”

Ahh, it’s back to school time again. That magical period where clueless parents indulge their spoiled kids and put themselves further into debt by buying the kiddies all the things they NEED NEED NEED. But going to college is a different beast, so I’m fine with this Best Buy/Geek Squad commercial. It reminds me of an urban legend about a clever undergrad exploiting a loophole. Advertisers really like whimsical, indie-sounding songs. But Andrew Simple has a good one. Very sweet, sincere lyrics, and an overall serene sound.

Bonus video: If you like this Andrew Simple song, you’ll probably like “Question” by the Old 97’s.

Heineken Makes The Handlebar Mustache Even Cooler

Heineken has some great commercials. Here’s another, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

My Sports Bar Would Be Run Better Than ESPN Zone

I was on the other night and saw a banner ad that said something like “Run your own sports bar”. For some reason, I thought it was a contest to win a sports bar and was thus intrigued. Then I checked…and it was an online game for building a sports bar. And no, I’m not playing. I’d like to at least think that I have better things to do with my time.

I saw the commercial for it about 5 times today. Which is what happens when you have SportsCenter on in the background throughout the morning.

The bar fight, naked guy, and puking guy did make me laugh though. And if in case you’ve never been to an actual bar or frat party, the song playing is “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money.

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