I Can’t Believe Fabio Is Old Spice’s New Pitchman

Fabio. One of those icons of the ’90s who we haven’t heard from in a while. I like to imagine he’s been trapped Principal Skinner style under boxes filled with Starter jackets, fanny packs, and parachute pants. But now, he’s in a series of new commercials for Old Spice. Utterly, utterly bizarre commercials.

I usually have an opinion about everything, but after watching all of these, I’m still not quite sure what to think. Vaguely funny, but largely just surreal. Fabio’s rambling sounds like the crackhead/meth head you’d see on the street corner. I’m sure it won’t hurt the Old Spice brand, but these ads seem to be on the jumping the shark border.

About joshw24
31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

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