Just For Men Brings The Cheese: Part II

Over the years, Just for Men has had some really corny commercials. This is the second part of an ongoing series.

The commercial actually starts off kinda sweet, with a pair of young girls encouraging their father to rejoin the dating pool. But the curious mind in me wonders what happened to the mother. Was there an amicable divorce? Did she die? Run off with the pool boy? I WANT THE DEETS! Then, the ad takes a ridiculous turn when the girls suddenly bust out the Just for Men. First, let’s ignore the fact that they would inevitably buy the wrong shade for the dad. It’s obnoxious that these girls learned at such a young age that their father would only be successful at dating if he got rid of the salt-and-pepper.  Some women might like the fact that he’s a single father with two young daughters. Or that he seems like a good guy. Not everybody is that shallow, people. And the whining “please?”. Ugh.

So his date goes well. I think they all might be getting their hopes up a little. We’ve all had great first dates that turned into festering pieces of shit by the second or third. He sends a picture and “YES! I’m glad we did it!”. The final high-five and happy reaction might be the worst commercial acting I’ve ever seen. Mrs. Fletcher has got nothing on those girls.

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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

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