Badvertising Links

Today, instead of a commercial, I’m going to post a few links about what is sometimes known as “badvertising”. I think the name makes it pretty clear.

  • McDonalds is no longer the world’s largest restaurant chain. But despite being #2, it is still a huge player and has an enormous advertising reach and budget. So you have to wonder what was going on here. OK, it’s depicting cow udders. But it really looks like penises. Seriously? How could anyone have not brought up an objection? This is from Finland. We have our fair share of stupid advertising in America, but it seems like the most outrageous ones are always in other countries.
  • Presumably, it is somebody’s job to make sure that the placement of ads doesn’t cause any awkward conflicts. So it seems like someone really dropped the ball on this one. Hilarious.
  • A print ad for Dove has sparked an intense conversation at The Consumerist. Is it racist or just stupid? Being well acquainted with stupidity, I have to say that this one is unintentionally bad. But I think someone was just short-sighted and I’m not ready to scream “DAS RAYCESS!”

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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

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