Verizon Users Won’t Find True Love

Last night, I was brainstorming some potential topics. One that came to mind was that utterly depressing ASPCA commercial featuring Sarah McLachlan. You know, the one with her very sad song “Angel” (which I would love to play on the jukebox at a busy bar, just for the reaction). This one. Later on, I decided to watch the episode of South Park that I recorded the previous night. Lo and behold, the opening scene is a parody of these commercials, with crack babies instead of animals. Dammit! I hate when I’m beaten to the punch!

Very tangentially, this has to do with tonight’s post about time. Watch.

This ad deals with the intriguing notion that everything in life is random, and if we don’t carpe diem right away, our chance might be lost forever. If these two people wouldn’t have met, the future 57th President of the United States would never have been born. And all of this was made possible by the man having quick Internet service on his AT&T phone. Of course, this commercial is more than a year old now, and the 3G service advertised is out of date. So he’d lose out on his woman, and generally be more like this poor guy.


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