Vampires Eat At Sonic Too

First, let me apologize for the lack of postage the last few days. A slight case of writer’s block and the need to watch a 19 inning baseball game have thrown me off. But here we go again.

This is…weird. I guess this takes Sonic’s approach of off-kilter car conversations over Sonic and brings it up a notch. Though the end seems to suggest that it’s viewer created, so that could explain some of the weirdness. Sonic’s overall marketing is brilliant though. The company advertises nationally, which means commercials are shown in places where the closest Sonic isn’t for hundreds of miles. This has a few benefits. First, it increases the chances that consumers will want to visit a Sonic while traveling. Second, it makes the chain more popular in new locations. I remember seeing Sonic commercials on Boston TV stations in college, and then the first Massachusetts location opened in August 2009 with waits of up to four hours.

But this ad and many of Sonic’s others remind me of a certain one-hit wonder.


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