Blast From The Past: Apple Jacks Makes Bratty Kids

I remember liking these commercials as a kid. These guys looked pretty cool and were able to sass adults, which was very cool. Now I have a different opinion looking at this as a twenty-something. Oh man this commercial is so 90s, with the angular moppy haircuts and flannel. And you don’t see milk cartons too much anymore. These kids are pretty obnoxious, and they have a high opinion of themselves. The “we eat what we like” was a good tagline for kids, who don’t really have any freedom and always have to obey authority figures. But now that I work with kids, it sounds a lot like the “I do what I want!” Maury-style entitlement, which was brilliantly parodied on South Park years back. It’s amazing how much your perspective can change.


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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

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