FedEx Has Dogs Wearing Little Football Jerseys

Adorable. And yeah, cat cleats seem like a bad idea.

Verizon: J.J. Watt Boogies At A Middle School Dance

Because why wouldn’t he be awkwardly dancing at a middle school dance? If you’ve watched football for the last month or so, you’ve probably seen this one. If Amy is missing an NFL game, that means the dance is either on Monday night, Thursday night, or Sunday…all odd times for it to happen. Maybe I’m overthinking it. There’s also something about a professional athlete wearing his uniform out in the real world that’s very amusing to me. Amy is played by Eileen O’Connell, and if I find out who Helen is, I’ll let you know. The song in the background is “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.

Characters In Horror Movies Make Poor Decisions, Says Geico

Have you ever watched a horror movie and yelled at the screen because the characters are doing things that will clearly lead to their gruesome deaths? If so, you’ll probably relate to this amusing new Geico ad. The blonde woman is played by Carrie Wiita, and the brunette is Cali Fredrichs. Thanks to Who is that hot ad girl? for the linkage.

Tuesday Throwback: Ray Charles And Diet Pepsi…You’ve Got The Right One, Baby

This was the original Diet Pepsi commercial featuring Ray Charles. Airing in the early ’90s, these spots had Charles singing, backed up by the Raelettes-reminiscent Uh Huh Girls. “You Got the Right One, Baby” became a popular catchphrase. I definitely remember these ads from my childhood.

Tomcat Presents “Dead Mouse Theatre”

Hat tip to Adweek for covering this very funny campaign created by Barton F. Graf 9000 for Tomcat mouse killers. “Dead Mouse Theatre” is a creative and hilarious way of imagining what you can do with all the dead mice that Tomcat will take care of. The tagline of “Tomcat. Engineered to kill.” is top-notch too.

The Laughing Cow Wants You To Reinvent Snacking

I’d think most people would be freaked out by a cartoonish cow sitting next to them and gabbing as they snack, but it’s advertising. Weird stuff happens sometimes. My girlfriend finds this commercial creepy, but it mostly just makes me want cheese.

Budweiser: Don’t Drive Drunk. Love, Your Dog

There are many reasons not to drive drunk. But Budweiser presents an original and adorable reason not to do it. This one has been lighting up the Internet, with almost 9 million views in three days. And for good reason. The doggy and message are so cute.


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